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Lions Confessions
Lions Confessions updated their cover photo.September 17, 2014 5:03 am
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Lions Confessions
Lions ConfessionsSeptember 17, 2014 3:37 am
Okay, so we're about to go into the new themed Wednesday where pretty much anything gets through(as long as it's not spam). It might be very similar to how things are now, or it might resemble more the original page before it got scrapped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We don't really know what to expect because you guys will be responsible for making it what it is.

What I CAN tell you to expect is your news feed to get blown up so if that's going to bother you then I suggest Unfollowing (not unliking) the page and just checking it at your leisure.

We're in an ongoing process to decide on a name for the theme day, but for now it's just every Wednesday. Depending on how stuff goes we might expand it to additional days.

With that being said good night and we'll see y'all on the other side.
- "Q"
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Lions Confessions
Lions ConfessionsSeptember 15, 2014 9:02 pm

Lions Confessions would like to start a theme where one day of the week we post all of the things that normally would not make it through our filter. This includes political debate posts, rants/opinions, desperate people asking for advice, shout outs, lewd stories and much more.

Would you like this theme to happen? Like the comment under this post that you agree with.

Also, please please please take the time to like this post so that our other users can see it and vote.

(no other comments will be permitted on this post, please just like the response you agree with.)
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Gavin Clifford
Gavin CliffordSeptember 15, 2014 2:48 pm
I lost my keys recently, have checked campus police already. They have a black nylon strip attached to it, need them back. For a Subaru forester
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3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Anonymous

    9/11 and we still have not taken care of business because of political correctness. We have the finest warriors in the world that a cursed with the politicians we elected.

  2. John Q

    I confess it was I that farted on the elliptical and not the large lady next to me that I acted like committed the act.

  3. John Q

    I have serious issues with selfish fucks who take off work whenever they want and fuck over their co workers. If you don't want to do the job than quit and let a more qualified person take your spot.


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